Complaints Resolution

The Catholic Schools Office (CSO) and schools in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle are committed to providing a positive, safe environment for all staff and students. There are occasions, however, when members of our schools and wider community are concerned about something that is happening at school that appears to be unsatisfactory or unreasonable.

St Aloysius has formal written protocols in place to address such complaints and grievances. These protocols are in line with the Catholic Schools Office Complaints Resolution for Parents and Carers Policy developed to provide a consistent approach for all diocesan schools. This policy aims to address the concerns of parents and carers and the wider community. These concerns may include children’s learning, behaviour and welfare, school organisation and management, student health and safety issues.

Complaints and grievances are addressed in a timely and confidential manner at the appropriate management level, in order to prevent minor problems or concerns escalating. The dignity of each person involved will be respected in the process, with all parties maintaining confidentiality.


Step 1

Complaints and Grievances should be raised at the earliest possible time. Classroom based complaints and grievances should be raised with the student’s class teacher. All other complaints and grievances should be directed to the principal and/or their delegate.

Step 2

Where the classroom based complaint and grievance is not resolved by the teacher this should also be directed to the Principal and/or delegate.

Step 3

Where a complaint or grievance is not resolved by the Principal after all efforts have been made to do so, or the complaint or grievance is about the Principal, the parent/carer should refer the concern to the Catholic Schools Office via the Parent Liaison Officer. The Parent Liaison and Resource Officer will refer the matter to the relevant Assistant Director for resolution.

Step 4

Where a complaint or grievance remains unresolved the Parent/Carer or the Assistant Director may refer the matter to the Director of Schools for review. A formal avenue of appeal is available in accordance with the Diocesan Pastoral Care Policy. All such appeals should be made to the Director of Schools in writing and in a timely manner.

Step 5

If ultimately the Parent/Carer is not happy with the way their complaint or grievance has been dealt with by the school or the Catholic Schools Office, they may wish to go to an external agency or legal advocate for advice and assistance.

St Aloysius is committed to living the values of the Gospel. In the spirit of justice, peace, love and reconciliation, we aim to:

  • Develop a positive and collaborative partnership between home and school
  • Welcome and value diversity of opinion
  • Understand the needs of students and families
  • Have clear and open communication within the community
  • Appropriately respond to and resolve issues that arise in schools in the best interests of all.

With the above in mind, the school asks that parents and carers follow this policy and the appropriate steps in resolving issues. All members of the St Aloysius school community are asked to remember that using social media channels to voice complaints and grievances is not the appropriate method.

The constant aim of the school should be contact and dialogue with the pupilsfamilies, which should also be encouraged through the promotion of parentsassociations”. - The Catholic School on the threshold of the Third Millennium

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