How many students are enrolled at St Aloysius?

We have over 600 students in 21 classes across kindergarten to year 6.

When is the enrolment period for kindergarten?

The official enrolment period for kindergarten is from March to May each year. During this time, you will use the online application process to submit your application.

Can I put my child's name down for future kindergarten classes?

No, we don't take names in advance. From March to May of the year prior to starting school you will be able to submit an application via the online application portal.

How many kinder classes are at St Aloysius?

We have 3 kindergarten classes each year.

Do you take out of zone enrolments?

Generally we have ample in zone applications and would only consider an out of zone application if positions were available. It is recommended that you apply at your zoned school. 

I've missed the kindergarten enrolment period can I still apply?

Yes, contact our office for information.

Do you accept enrolment applications for years 1 to 6?

Yes, we can. You will need to apply through the online enrolment portal.