Years 1 to 6 in 2020

Go Up Morning - Monday 16th December

We invite new students for 2020 (in years 1 to 6) to come for the morning session (8:45am to 10:50am) at our school. They will be placed in their 2020 class groups with their new teacher. Please wear your current school uniform on this day. 

Children should arrive at the Hall and sign in by 8:45am. The session is completed at 10:50am and children should be collected and signed out from the area in front of the Hall. 

What time: 8:45am to 10:50am

What to wear: Sports uniform of current school and their hat - this allows us to easily distinguish our 'new' students

What to bring: Crunch&Sip (small amount of fresh fruit) and a water bottle

There will be an information session and Volunteer Induction at 10:15am for parents.

BYOD requirements for 2020 will be attached to this document as soon as we have them.

Starting date for children in years 1 to 6 - Wednesday 29th January 2020