At St Aloysius, Learning Support is integral to the whole school. Our aim is to cater for the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social and physical dimensions of each and every student. We do this as a team, working collaboratively and dynamically with the class teachers, parents and guardians, and outside agencies. 

Our commitment to the practices of purposeful inclusion and student welfare reflects the Gospel values of respect, equality and social justice. Within a Christian framework, we provide a learning environment that is supportive and responsive to individual needs and differences and that recognises and celebrates the individual student’s abilities and strengths.

The Learning Support Team consists of:

  • Learning Support Teachers who work across the school with teachers to identify, assess and plan for individual needs and oversee the implementation of intervention programs such as Mini-lit and Macq-lit. These are highly effective, evidence-based small group programs that provide additional assistance for those needing additional support in literacy
  • Learning Support Assistants (10) who work within the classrooms supporting students individually and in small groups
  • An English as an Additional Language (EALD) Teacher who works both in the classroom, in small groups and 1:1 support when needed
  • An Aboriginal Education Teachers who supports students within the school and promotes and encourages links with the wider Indigenous community
  • Defence Transition Aide (2 days a week) who actively supports the unique needs of students from Defence families
  • School Psychologist works 3 days a week. The Learning Support team works collaboratively and in consultation with the School Psychologist.

We have sound processes in place within the school which ensure that student’s strengths and needs are recognised and met. St Aloysius aims to provide a fully inclusive mainstream learning environment that reflects the principles of the Disability Discrimination Act (1992) and the Disability Standards for Education (2005). 

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