Parents & Friends Association

St Aloysius has an active and enthusiastic Parents and Friends Association (P&F).

The primary objectives of the P&F are to fun and friend-raise. The P&F achieves this by:

  • Contributing to the wellbeing of the school community – students, parents and staff
  • Encouraging the participation of all parents/guardians in the life of their school and in the education of their children
  • Operating democratically and inclusively, providing opportunities for parents/guardians to develop links within the school community.

The primary focus of the P&F association is to provide an opportunity for parents to contribute valuable input in the direction for St Aloysius and to stay informed of developments around the school. The support of the P&F is integral to the efficient running of the school. The P&F is a fundraising body as well as a social and education arm of the school community.

The P&F team meet three times a term on the Monday of Week 2, 6 and 10 and in Week 2 and 6 of Term 4 in the Learning Hub from 6.30pm.

The P&F Executive Team for 2019 is:

President: Megan Price

Vice President: Erin Davis

Secretary: Kellie Robinson

Treasurer: Alison Kelly

Federation Delegates: Alysha Wynne and Karen Kowalski

We encourage parents and caregivers to join us and actively participate in these meetings.

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