At St Aloysius, there are 21 classroom teachers and numerous support staff.

This includes a School Leadership Team, Learning Support Teachers, Learning Support Assistants, a Teacher-Librarian and Library Assistant, office staff, specialist teachers, a cleaner, IT support person and groundsperson.

A registered Psychologist/School Counsellor is also available three days a week to assist the school in assessing and addressing individual student learning needs.

A highly structured combination of professional development opportunities, access to quality teaching resources and experiences as well as an increased emphasis on wellbeing and parent engagement has been developed to increase student readiness for and engagement in learning. Curriculum differentiation ensures that the needs of students are catered for at all levels.

The Leadership Team is responsible for setting the operational agenda and goals of the school as driven by the Strategic and Annual Plan. This group of dynamic individuals is each responsible for key aspects of the school.

A list of staff contacts can be found below:                                                                   

School Leadership Team

Principal: Grant Diggins

Assistant Principal: Anne Higgins

Religious Education Coordinator: Nicholas Hughes

Primary Coordinators: Jessica Moulder and Sonia Walters

Teaching Staff for 2021         

Kindergarten: Mrs Alison Cosway, Miss Larissa Quigley, Mrs Sonia Walters/Mrs Vicki Scanes

Year 1: Miss Tia Armstrong, Mrs Gabi Jarrott, Mrs Fiona Martin/Miss Phoebe Towns

Year 2: Mr Sam Johnson, Miss Emily Dale, Mrs Jane Butler/Miss Maddi Bennett

Year 3: Mr Nicholas Redgrove, Mrs Kim Jennings, Miss Holly Gralton

Year 4: Mrs Jessica Moulder/Ms Caitlin Moore, Ms Catherine Creasey, Mrs Ali Jamieson

Year 5: Mrs Anna Hill, Mr Nicholas Hughes/Mrs Carla Whiting, Mrs Bek Henshaw

Year 6: Mrs Amanda Wood, Mr Richard Hannan, Mr Stewart Ison

Support Staff            

Teacher Librarian: Mrs Samantha Berry

Music Teacher: Mrs Carla Whiting

Sport Teacher: Mr Jackson Bonner

Learning Support Teachers: Mrs Jenny Samson & Mrs Denise Stephen

Pedagogical Mentors: Mrs Anne Higgins & Mrs Sonia Walters

Gifted Education Mentor: Mrs Jessica Moulder

ESL Teacher: Ms Amy Matsen & Ms Anne Healey

Aboriginal Education Teacher: Mrs Denise Stephen & Mrs Monique Crick

Pastoral Care Worker: Mrs Gayle McCarter

School Counsellor: Mr Geoff Morley

Defence Force Liaison Officer: Mrs Leesa Moore

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Connie Flack, Mrs Alexis Morgan, Mrs Amanda Sexton, Mrs Fiona Walsh, Mrs Rachael Donnelly, Mrs Danielle Gregory, Mrs Karyn Hall, Mrs Celeste Stolk

Kinder Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Tricia Kelly, Mrs Jenny Barrios

IT Support: Mr Ray Burg

Support Officer Library: Mrs Carolyn Lilley

School Office Staff: Mrs Samantha Keppie, Mrs Cathy Thompson, Mrs Jodie McLean

Canteen Supervisor: Mrs Tracy McGovern

Groundsperson: Mr Patrick Cunningham