At St Aloysius Catholic Primary School we are called to be the face of Christ through living, loving and learning together. We dare to empower all to wonder, hope, thrive and be proud witnesses of our faith.


At St Aloysius Catholic Primary School we are called to…

Grow as learners by:

  • Participating in a holistic curriculum with an authentic Catholic perspective
  • Discerning what matters most to learn and utilising evidence based learning and teaching strategies that work
  • Challenging ourselves to reach high expectations
  • Regularly reflecting on our success as learners

Make a difference through words and actions by:

  • Being the face of Christ for others and the world
  • Recognising needs and doing something about it
  • Being proud contributors to our community
  • Actively learning from and with others

Thrive as individuals by:

  • Celebrating our God given strengths
  • Living an abundant and grateful life
  • Being responsible risk takers
  • Acknowledging the strengths of others

Build and serve our community through:

  • Fostering a sense of welcome and belonging
  • Living and celebrating our faith together
  • Treating others with dignity, respect and affirmation
  • Recognising our shared responsibility to help others to grow and develop